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Welcome to the!

There is a wealth of opportunity the world over, great educational opportunities, promising careers, new and exciting life style choices...but let's face it, home will always be home.

Nothing can replace the warmth and exuberance you feel as you step off the plane, the anticipation of reuniting with family and friends, the longing for a good home cooked meal or one by the 'round-about', and let's not forget the excitement of partying until 4 or 5 AM to the sounds of CHUTNEY MUSIC or SOCA! at your favourite club in north - Pier1, ambassador, tusnami, catalyst, 51 degrees, zen, alchemy, sabor latino, senses or in south - hirpm, sting, secrets, space la nouba, prive, RISING STAR and central - Club India, Ocean 13, shipwreck, KokoPeli, the east club taj mahal and woods and at d grand bazaar d parrot and club tower. Stay tuned for more Club scene.

With the fantastic new world of the Internet, all this and so much more is possible. was born out of the necessity for a portal Trinidadian web site. This portal would be a link between you and home, providing you with everything you long for, great food (or at least the ingredients), listings of Caribbean clubs, restaurants and events near to you, jobs in Trinidad, internet gift shops as well as opportunity for working at home and articles about issues facing Trinidadians abroad and at home.

For Trini's at home, apart from the Employment, Local News, Feature Articles, and Personals, there is a dedicated section just for you. Trinidad Local will provide you with information regarding study abroad, work at home business opportunities, visa travel, immigration matters, issues facing Trini's at home, medical reports and a wealth of other relevant information including free stuff avenues for online purchases of electronics, perfumes, jewellry, dvds, games, digicams, other gadgets and advertising space to complement your marketing plan. You can even get your residential house, commercial building or industrial project work - updating of PFD's & PID's drawn as well as other engineering and procuring services. We also supply all types except PORN DVD movies originals only for video shops and individuals, football jerseys and your favourite book or magazine.