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What's Hot will keep you informed on the latest developments at the

What’s Hot and UpComing:
A personal mate service and chat room ... stay tuned !
Election campaigning details as the PNM fall apart
An avenue for the model in you to showcase yourself, send an email with contacts and a digital photo

What’s Hot : For September/October 2007
Banner Ads space start from TT$350 per year
WEB Links start from TT$50 per year
Sourcing specialty Orders from CHINA for mp4 players, Original DVD Movies except PORN
T-shirts not only football from International CLUBS & Country but also music artists and other special slogan
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What’s was Hot : For August 2001
Official launch of

"Crossing Boundaries... the Road to A Successful On-line Presence"
- held at Crowne Plaza Hotel

The conference held August 10th signified the official launch of

COMING SOON to is the a dating service, more links and CHAT ROOM!Please sign up for membership to be the first to know about these latest developments at, a website dedicated to serving your needs and to making this as much your website as it is ours. We hope you stay with us for the ride because ' we ain't done yet!'

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Visit our Trinidad Local section and read all about immigrating to Canada and finally watch the myths and facts surrounding this issue come to light. There are many people who desperately try to find out where to go for advice on this matter and many who get lost along the way, losing money and faith, all in vain. This article lays the facts out for you and provides you with a trusted source for more information regarding immigration matters within Canada. Visit Trinidad Local today and read all about it in our Feature Article section or check out the other articles this month. -->