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Here you shall find useful unique links for:
Legal advise and topical articles
Visa travel information for any country
Emigration details for most major developed countries
Health and Medical information
Movie showings at cinemas
Upcoming events and activities for your participation
D Happening club scene
and the many more issues facing Trini's like Government / Unions standoff, Gas Subsidy, Police strike, Ryder Scott - 9 yrs of Gas an the upcoming BUDGET.
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Looking to emigrate to Canada?
or seeking how to emigrate to the USA, UK, Europe, Austraila or other world place consult or refer to Law Related Articles
and consult our affiliate partner for advise ranging from divorce, power of attorney, wills, adoption, work injuries, etc.
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Get the latest law at the Trinidad Parliament

Health & Medical Information
In today's fast paced world take time for a health check Diet control is equally important, here are some tips Additionally here are some specific Medical Information to help ...
Women Tips for Breast Exam
Testicular Exam
Pap Smear
Minor Foot Problems
Contraception details
and not forgetting some SNORING TIPS
Wellness Caribbean You can get much more with a customised search click on medifocus


Be wise and condomise to help prevent HIV -

Up Coming Events and Activties :
Annual Film Festival, Sept - 21st to 4th Oct for more ..
Misc Trade Shows - Indian wear, car accessories, etc.
Leatherback turtles back from Mar - Aug
Play all year round Beach volleyball @ Saith Park, Chaguanas
Ice Skating
LAUGH SEASON - still popular - from Learie to SPRANG,
Motor rally racing - location central
Trinidad & Tobago prepares for IPL T20
Night Cricket - 20/20 Competition kick off in Chaguanas soon, register now
Get the FACTS, Protect yourself from Swine Flu
Ramleela and Divali d festival of lights coming soon
Chinese Arrival Dragonboat Festival for October celebration....
Secondary Schools Football, get score and coverage online
Other activities from the Ministry of Tourism or

Get tickets for concerts

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Cricket -
Football -
Other Sports -

Other activities involve the experience of a new film releases at the Cinemaplexs:
At Trincity
or Movietowne
and soon IMAX but when in need for the movie for your dvd collection simply

Club India and Mojo now open in Chaguanas/i>
Sabor Latino
There is no STING in Mojo (Chaguanas), Parrot (Grand Bazaar), zen, space, Prive, Pier 1, or even D Taj Mahal (Tunapuna) and D Big Apple (Debe)
Why not see for yourself at
Mini-Directory of the island nitespots
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