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 Trinidad Local - September 2000

Looking to immigrate to Canada?

James Metcalfe and Associates is a full service immigration consulting and advisory service based in Toronto, the destination of 70% of the people who come to Canada each year. The company accepts clients from around the world in all categories of immigrants.

The principle of the firm is James Metcalfe, a former Canadian foreign service officer who served at Canadian Embassies and Consulates General as a visa officer and Consul at such diverse places as England, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Australia and the USA. He combines twenty-four years of experience in the government of Canada with seven years experience in operating his own consulting business to successfully represent persons seeking a new life and career in Canada.

Clients of the firm come from around the world. The staff and associates speak a wide range of languages, however, as the official languages of Canada are English and French, the ability to communicate effectively in these two languages in preparing and presenting applications for benefits under the Immigration Act of Canada is paramount.

Applying for residency in another country can be a very complex matter. In Canada the selection system is framed under a set of laws and regulations and procedures which to the ordinary person can lead to confusion and mistakes which in turn can lead to delays in processing at best or to refusal in the worst situation.

Do you require professional help?

The obvious answer is NO! The system in Canada does not require that you be represented. If you feel confident in your own abilities go ahead and do it yourself. My experience is that with government cut backs of staff and a lack of simple information and a complex system of selecting immigrants a complete immigration industry has evolved to assist persons to become resident of Canada. Advice can be obtained from highly competent practitioners, both lawyers and consultants, to persons who are self-proclaimed experts with little or no knowledge of what they are doing. My advice is to be aware of persons who promise 100% guarantees or who do not have a permanent base or claim to know someone in a high place or have limited experience in Canadian immigration matters and makes the process sound simple. In any event do not pay all your fees "upfront" but insist on payment for progress in an application.

What can we do for you?

We can give you advice and assist you in the preparation of an application. We can prepare you for an interview and ensure that your application is properly prepared and presented with the best possibility of success. We can solve problems and keep track of your application.

If we believe we cannot help you we will tell you so or tell you what you must do to be successful.

What does it cost to immigrate?

There are three sums you must consider:

First, there are government fees to consider. A single person will pay a total of $1475 CDN to the government for the privilege of immigration to Canada.

Second, there are fees to be paid to lawyers and consultants. I charge a minimum fee of $2500.00 to represent a client paid in three payments over the progress of a case.

Third, is the settlement money the government of Canada will require you to have on arrival in Canada. A single person will require about $10,000 and families more.

Where to begin?

If you have access to the Internet check out for full information from Citizenship and Immigrationís website or contact me at for a free Internet consultation or visit my website at

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